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A once sleepy pueblo on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Tulum -with the jaw-dropping beaches and stunning cenotes in the dense jungle- is nowadays one of the world’s most celebrated holiday destinations for VIPs, celebrities, and hippies-at-heart alike. But what about the food? In Tulum you can hardly go wrong food-wise, as the extremely impressive for a relatively small beach town restaurant scene is one of the best in the world, stretching from small local-frequented taquerias in the streets of the city to boho-chic jungle restaurants by renowned Mexican -and not only- chefs. Tulum’s food game is at its very best! Let us not forget that Rene Redzepi chose this tiny corner of the map to create Noma’s third pop-up back in 2017, before reopening his legendary restaurant in Copenhagen, rated best restaurant in the world consecutively up to this day. This was not the beginning of the blooming Tulum food scenery of course, but it was the point when foodies all over the world acknowledged that the small beach city had become officially a culinary destination for sophisticated food-lovers from every corner of the earth. The main culinary culture met in most dining spaces in Tulum these days is that of fierce dedication to local produce and seafood and wood-firing almost everything in artisanal fire ovens, while serving Mexican-inspired (not necessarily traditional Mexican) cuisine and dishes elevated by the local flora and fauna and cooked with techniques inherited by the Maya. So, don’t hold your appetite, let’s check out the best bar restaurants for the ultimate Tulum experience for foodies!

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