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Athens Rivera Content

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Explore our Concierge Services!

Explore our Concierge Services!

When to visit

As the Athenian Riviera is actually a part of Athens, it is a year-round destination for all. During summer months you will find yourself frequenting the amazing beaches and enjoying life at its very best in the numerous cosmopolitan beach bars and glamorous beach clubs, while at the same time you are just next to the city centre and all it has to offer every season of the year. The famous Athens’ bar scene, the award-wining restaurants, and the prestigious cultural and archaeological sites of Greece’s capital stand just a short drive away. On the other hand, the Athenian Riviera is the best place for residing before and after your holidays on the Greek islands, or in combination with excursions to close to Attica small islands, such as Kythnos or Kea, in order to get some extra days of relaxing and unwinding in a refined and luxurious ambiance before heading back home. However, due to its proximity to Athens’ city centre and all the major business hubs, the Athenian Riviera is an excellent choice for business travellers looking to make the best of their time in Greece and combine business with small doses of pleasure, even bringing their family along for some extra moments of family time.  


Why Athens Riviera

Well, why not? The Athenian Riviera is a place of stunning natural beauty that combines all the facilities and amenities of a modern metropolis with the relaxed manners and lifestyle of a cosmopolitan island. One minute you can be admiring the magnitude of the Acropolis and the next you can be unwinding in your plush daybed, sipping on a refreshing cocktail by the sea. If looking for life at its very best, well then this is it. Here you will also find some of the most exclusive and luxurious beach resorts, bar restaurants and nightclubs in the city, so it can be kind of like being in Mykonos, but without having to leave Athens.        


Athens Riviera Experiences

“What can I do when staying at the Athenian Riviera?”. You mean besides taking long walks along the coastline, admiring the sweeping sea views and the amazing sunsets, sipping creative cocktails on stunning beaches and partying with your toes in the sand, dining in renowned restaurants, gazing at the crystal-clear waters and enjoying long evenings of the most elegant version of the famous Greek nightlife, unwinding by your private pool in your luxurious villa, popping by the city centre and all it has to offer, spending your day in exclusive beach clubs, practicing your water sports skills and organising excursions to close-by picturesque islands or nearby dreamlike locations, such as Cape Sounio crowned by the world-famous Temple of Poseidon? Well, not much! 



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