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They say life is a beach, but in Mykonos life happens at the beach! Some of the best beach bars and restaurants in the world are nestled on this island’s stunning coasts, offering Mykonos’ guests literally the days of their lives, with the eternal blue sea serving as the most precious background.  

Life is a (Mykonos) Beach! - Image

Life is a (Mykonos) Beach!

Life is a (Mykonos) Beach!

In a world where “life is a beach” then for sure “life is a beach in Mykonos”, or to put it more accurately the ultimate Mykonos experience takes place on the beach! Mykonos acquires some of the most stunning beaches in the world, with a diverse coastline, ranging from feral island beauty to the iconic Cycladic golden-sand-meets-transparent-waters kind of bay; this is the unique setting on which some of the most famous beach venues on the globe serve top-notch amenities, delicious food, amazing drinks, upbeat music, and great fun to their eclectic and elite clientele. With an unpretentious-luxury kind of feeling and a definite glam-on-the-beach kind of vibe, the most amazing all-day seaside restaurant bars on the island await to offer you cosmopolitan dining and partying experiences with your toes in the sand and your eyes fixed on the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea. 

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The famous for its top-notch meat cuts and premium ambiance international brand landed in Mykonos some five years ago and has since become a definite “must” on the island of the winds. 

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Hippie Fish

Dating all the way back to the ‘60s, this always up-to-date, hippie-chic beach venue has been serving the elite Mykonos crowd its creative (mostly) seafood-based dishes way before it was cool! 

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With a Mediterranean-meets-Asia look, feel, and taste, Pasaji Mykonos is your “passage” to one of the best beach experiences on the island. 

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With its name meaning “home kitchen” in Greek, this restaurant strives to offer you the welcoming feeling of the Greek cuisine and its dishes with a cosmopolitan touch in a joyful and cosy ambiance. 

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Buddha-Bar Beach

The world-famous Buddha-Bar brand has of course its very own spot on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, introducing its globetrotting guests to its sui-generis sounds and lifestyle experiences. 

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Experience the sunset music ritual, and the rest of the amazing events of the day and night life of one of the finest Mykonos’ beach clubs. 

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Ftelia Pacha

On the surfers-favourite Ftelia beach, a brand-new Pacha family member arrived just this summer bringing the world-famous Ibiza fun experience on one of Mykonos’ most stunning bays. 

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This is the place that made Psarou one of the most famous beaches on the planet and the absolute favourite of the movers and shakers of this world. 

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Refined services, luxurious amenities, amazing location and mouth-watering dishes await on one of the most stunning beaches of Mykonos Island. 

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Breezy design and summer-chic ambiance for enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the seashore of Platis Gialos at the restaurant of the Branco Mykonos hotel. 

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Luxury and glam surely hit new levels of coolness in one of the largest and most lively beach restaurant clubs on the island. 

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Hosting some of the best beach parties on the island for over 20 years now, Kalua knows what it takes to offer you the full Mykonos experience by the sea. 

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Jackie O'

One of the most unique beach clubs on Mykonos Island brings together futuristic design, top-notch services, exquisite food, splendid cocktails and world-famous drag shows for your eyes only. 

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Redefining the very concept of “drop-dead location”, Spilia Restaurant has been offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience for over 30 years now in the most unique natural ambiance. 

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Celebrate the Mykonian summer in a place where all senses meet and greet, where lavish food blends in with signature cocktails, always accompanied by the best sounds and beats. 

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An exclusive beach concept that makes sure that everything is taken care of, as you enjoy dancing with a cocktail in hand as the sun sets its golden beams in the sea. 

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Elia Beach Restaurant

A purely summery gastronomical experience awaits at a restaurant located literally on the water’s edge, where sophisticated world-travellers rest their eyes on the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea. 

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IT Beach

With celebrity-frequented venues all around the globe, such as Ibiza, Milan, London and Tulum, Mykonos could not have been deprived of its very own IT Mykonos on the beautiful setting of Paradise Beach. 

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On one of the most casual-chic beaches of Mykonos, Lia, Liasti Beach Resort offers all-day relaxation, dining, and water fun experiences for the sun-kissed crowd that chooses to keep away from the masses. 

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