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Best Hotels

Mostly characterized by their eco-conscious design and sustainable mentality, hotels in Tulum are the very definition of “barefoot luxury”. Nestled close to nature in the tropical jungle or just on the beachfront offering direct access to the fine golden sand and the crystal-clear Caribbean waters, accommodation options in Tulum are destined to steal your heart away.  

Check into Barefoot Luxury - Image

Check into Barefoot Luxury

Check into Barefoot Luxury

When setting off to discover the secret coves, the pristine waters, the dense jungles, the stunning cenotes, the arty and intriguing day and nightlife of Tulum, you must first unpack your suitcases in a place that feels like home… in its most luxurious and welcoming version of course. We have personally handpicked the best hotels in the region of Tulum, the ones that can meet the highest of standards of our elite clientele and exceed their expectations. These resorts are unique, each one addressing the needs and desires of our esteemed guests in the best of ways, bringing together the liberty and pure essence of the wild with the luxury, services and amenities one could only dream of experiencing so close to nature. Waking up in these surroundings, having your each and every need catered for, sampling amazing food and enjoying top-notch facilities is only the first step of living through your magical Tulum holidays to the fullest. On the beachfront or in the jungle, in the town centre or tucked away on a secluded bay, these hotels will surely sweep you off your feet.  

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Casa Malca

On the very edge of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, standing in between a virgin white-sanded beach and the dense rainforest, the Casa Malca brings together contemporary art, top-notch food, and unpretentious luxury in its most elegant form. 

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Papaya Playa Project

Sand and stone, wood and wicker, sun and sea. Throw in some show-stopping sunsets, some creative thinking, and a strong dose of freedom of spirit and we have ourselves a winner. 

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Be Tulum

Just amidst the tropical forest that stretches all the way to the Caribbean Sea, a one-with-nature resort can offer you the ultimate jungle-meets-beach experience, but with a carbon-neutral mentality. 

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Nômade Tulum

Located on its own private beach part, Nômade Tulum invites guests to feel the luxury jungle vibes and let their body, mind and soul dance to the rhythm of mother nature herself. 

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Hippie-chic oceanfront vibes meet eco-friendly practices presenting the contemporary environmentally-conscious traveller with the perfect setting for the ultimate holiday experience. 

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Panamera Hotel

If cool, boho-chic style is your thing, and being close to the vibrant day and nightlife scene is a must -without giving up on your on-the-beach holiday dreams-, then this stylish hotel in the town centre is the absolute choice for you. 

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Coco Tulum Hotel

Divided into to two “zones”, the zen zone and the beach club zone, this cool-vibed beachfront hotel offers guests the chance to experience the accommodation style that better suits their needs and personality under the same roof. 

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La Zebra

A hotel taking the beach-chic element to a whole new level with its amazing vibes and facilities, private pools and stunning ocean views, exquisite dining, and inspired drinks. 

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Azulik Tulum

Where the jungle meets the ocean, Azulik Tulum has created a unique villa-habitable sculpture collection, offering guest the chance to literally become one with nature. 

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Habitas Tulum

A sustainable sanctuary for all the senses, gracefully nestled between the verdant forest and the restless sea. Here music, art, food, serenity and wellness come together in a harmonious mix for the sophisticated world-traveller. 

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