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Lets Celebrate

Let’s be honest here, we all have been to an event, a wedding, a christening, a birthday party, not even to mention corporate events, that have made us think “Oh gosh, look how much money people have spent on such a boring gathering. I want to go home!”. We are about to share a really big secret with you, budget may be an important factor, but it is definitely not the key-factor for an amazing, memorable, touching and totally successful event, no matter if it is personal or corporate.

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There is not one type of “perfect wedding”, there is one type for each unique couple. Fairy-tale and romantic, boho and unpretentious, elegant and chic, luxurious and glimmering, rock and fun, cool and breezy, beach and barefoot, high-heels and black-tie, close and personal, huge and extravagant; the options are limitless, and it is up to the special two to decide what works for them and their guests.

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Birthday Parties

We are sure you can’t believe it, but there are some people that hate birthdays. We can’t explain it, as there is no better occasion to celebrate life itself, but we can say this: if you see some of the birthday parties we have brought to life, you will change your mind! From setting up space camps for kids’ birthdays to bringing your daughter’s.

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Themed Parties

There is nothing that we love more than organising and breathing life into the craziest, smartest, funniest, most unique and elegant theme parties; James’ Bond to Pink Flamingos, Ancient Greek Gods to Tropical Bliss, Glow in the Dark to Roaring ‘20s, Unicorns Exist to Mission Impossible, High-heels and Diamonds to Farm-to-table Festival, Superheroes to Favourite Rock Stars, Liza Minnelli to Only Denim, honestly.

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Special Celebration

Life is full of beautiful moments and there are so many special reasons to celebrate. Anniversaries and love, name days and important life milestones, graduating from school or getting into your dream university, leaving for a long time, moving to another country, or landing the perfect job, launching a new project or meeting that special someone, welcoming the new season or renewing your vows.

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Is it time for your little bundle of joy to get its name and officially celebrate it in front of relatives and friends? Isn’t yours the cutest baby on earth and doesn’t it deserve its first personal event to be one remembered in time? No problem, that is exactly what we are here for. We have a million different ideas and themes to suggest and share with you, so we can together create the most joyous and lively christening event.

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Corporate Event

The size and success of any company is measured by and reflected in its events, and everyone knows that. Designing, planning, and executing the most prestigious and targeted corporate event is a very demanding project that needs the touch of professionals to reach its full potential. No matter what the occasion of a corporate event is, as to celebrate a new deal, to announce a new launching, to help employers bond, to reward top executives, to attract new clients, to tell the world about new collaborations.

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Party on board

There aren't many things that call "class" as much as a party or reception on board ever will, but there are several difficulties and traps when organising the perfect “floating” event. First and foremost, you need a yacht. Now if you do own one, you’ve crossed one thing off your list, but there are many others to follow. Events on board need special safety requirements, and special handling skills.

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