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Less than 1km away from Fokos, stands another hidden gem of the Island of the Winds. Mersini, or Mirsini, is a small sandy cove with amazing waters, ideal for all-day diving and exploring the seabed with your mask, and an imposing rocky background offering a touch of wildness to the whole setting. It goes without saying that the Mersini is utterly unspoiled, with no beach bars, sunbeds and music getting in the way of your perfect close-to-nature beach experience. A formation of rocks actually splits the bay into two smaller ones and there is no natural shade to be found, so do take everything needed along. Nudists do frequent this amazing location that can offer you a day away from the world even in mid-August. However, on windy days Mersini, as well as most of the northern beaches, is not such a good idea even for extremely adventurous crowds.

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