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Concierge Levels

Many talk about top-notch concierge services, but few can actually deliver on their promises. At Kennedy’s Group we take our commitments extremely seriously and our team of concierge experts consists of literally the best professionals in their field. Choose between our three premium Concierge Levels, the one that best suits your needs and desires and let us take care of all the rest. Our work begins way before you board your flight to come to us, to make sure you will find everything meeting your personal standards and expectations upon arrival. According to your requests, plans and concierge level, we will organise everything down to the slightest detail, so that your transfers, bookings, seatings, excursions etc are always managed in the most punctual, professional and discreet of ways.



Relax and enjoy a well-planned, carefree stay, as our concierge specialists’ team will provide you with A-to-Z consultation regarding your destination of choice and design your personal itinerary customised to your preferences and desires. We also make sure to take care of all arrangements and bookings regarding the agreed itinerary of our 5* Concierge Level Guests from 9 am to 9 pm. And if you change your mind, you do get to alter your itinerary up to 1 time on already confirmed bookings during your stay. 

5 star level


6 star level

Our 6* Concierge Level Guests enjoy all the privileges provided by our 5* Level offer plus many more. Apart from our full destination consulting service, the customised itinerary we will create only for you and all the bookings and arrangements within your personal itinerary 24 hours a day, we will also have one of our concierge experts on call 24/7 and on-site at all booked venues to make sure everything is going according to schedule and for you to have a friendly and familiar face checking you in and seating you accordingly. Also, at this level you get fast line track, best spots available and you do get to change your mind up to 2 times on already confirmed bookings during your stay. Additionally, all transportation arrangements are managed by us, as we remain in constant communication with the drivers and the venues, to make sure you have a smooth and punctual departure with no waiting and unpleasant surprises involved (on-call service). 


7 star level

Sky is literally the limit, when talking about our 7* Concierge Level, as here anything is possible, and your Personal Concierge Expert will make sure of that. A member of our experienced team will accompany you throughout your stay, organising all desired activities, planning the perfect to-do list, understanding your needs, coordinating, and taking care of every tiny detail, from transportations to VIP venue seating and from on-site arrangements to next-to-impossible bookings, guaranteeing a dream-holiday experience. The only thing you need to do is say the word, and we will make it happen. Naturally all transportation arrangements are managed by your Personal Concierge Assistant, making sure your van or car is waiting for you the moment you depart your selected venue.There is no need to say that for our 7* Concierge Level Guests there are no restrictions to the number of times that one can change his/her mind on the daily itinerary, as last-minute requests are our favourite.

Terms & Conditions

All the above prices include tax and the rates apply for up to 10 people. Kindly ask for the group’s packages.
Kindly note that, in order to proceed with reservations for special nights & parties, some of the venues request either card details with a cancellation fee or full prepayment of the agreed minimum spend. We will notify you beforehand about the venues setting the above terms.
After a 15-minute delay on your reservation time, the venue holds the right to release your table and put you on waiting list. The company cannot control that fact in the majority of times, so we highly recommend a 10-minute arrival prior to your booking.
Kindly inform us about any food allergies or intolerances, in order for us to brief the venues and take extra care.
All tables are booked for a 2-hour seating, during peak season.
Please consider that, regardless of a prepayment request, all venues apply a cancelation/no-show fee during high season, which is charged 24 hours before the reservation is due.
Guests are kindly requested to respect their booked reservations and limit down any possible alterations to the above. We ensure you that venue seating takes place in a timely manner and at the best possible available spot. In case of alteration or cancelation of confirmed itinerary reservations 24h prior, there is a cancelation fee of 50,00€ per guest.
We kindly request a full prepayment of your Concierge Level of choice, prior to the release of your suggested itinerary.
Kennedy’s Group on-spot team will design your personal customised itinerary, always according to your needs and desires, and will make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

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Drive me around

Either you opt for driving yourself and family around to explore all the magnificent sights your destination has to offer, or you prefer your professional personal driver to do all the driving around for you, we have all it takes to keep you happy. Our extent collection of vehicles can cover any given need, while our experienced chauffeur team can provide you with the opportunity to not have to spend a minute behind the wheel during your precious holiday time.

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Sail me away

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Cook for me

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we are determined to win over your heart as well as your palate. “Taste” is a major factor when visiting a new place, as it is the best way to truly experience the land, the sea and the local traditions all-in-one. Our “perfect holiday” plan for you and your loved ones could never exclude unique culinary experiences, either within or outside the premises of your luxury villa. From your own personal chef to a live cooking experience on a secluded beach and from one-to-one culinary workshops to exploring local farms and harvesting ripe tomatoes from their stems, we are here to make your stay as tasteful and delightful as a slice of the sweetest august melon.

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