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New Openings

Keeping up with the all the new arrivals on Mykonos island is next to impossible. But for us nothing is impossible! Here you will find all new openings worth knowing -and visiting-, as you must keep in mind that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. 

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Be the first to know!

Be the first to know!

A summer metropolis of the world; if Mykonos doesn’t rightly deserve the “nickname”, then which place on earth actually does? But as the favourite “pin” on the globe for the international jet set and the movers and shakers of this world, the Island of the Winds can never stay still and always has something new to show for. New openings are rather frequent, but so are grand new arrivals that come to seduce the eclectic Mykonos crowd and find their place in the vibrant day and nightlife of the most famous summer destination on planet earth. “If you can conquer Mykonos, you can conquer the world”, Greeks say, and it seems that they might have a point, as more and more often the most elegant, luxurious, and renowned restaurant, club, bar, and resort brands in the world seem to find a reason to establish themselves here. World-famous chefs, bigger-than-life nightlife venues, A-list gastronomy spots and award-wining mixologists arrived this year on Mykonos island, making our holidays even more fun and interesting. These are all the new openings you really ought to know about! 

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Ftelia Pacha

On the surfers-favourite Ftelia beach, a brand-new Pacha family member arrived just this summer bringing the world-famous Ibiza fun experience on one of Mykonos’ most stunning bays. 

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The famous lounge restaurant brand that celebrates the French joie de vivre mentality in the chicest destinations across the globe found its way to Mykonos Town with an ultra-impressive, brand-new venue, encompassing all the elements needed for an unpretentiously glamorous experience. 

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Latin-American passion meets the Far East in one of the most stunning and mystical gardens of Mykonos Town, where top-notch dishes come together with sophisticated drinks and late-night cosmopolitan flair. 

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IT Beach

With celebrity-frequented venues all around the globe, such as Ibiza, Milan, London and Tulum, Mykonos could not have been deprived of its very own IT Mykonos on the beautiful setting of Paradise Beach. 

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