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Explore our Concierge Services!

Explore our Concierge Services!

When to visit

Paros offers a diverse holiday season, as do most Cycladic islands, stretching from mid-April to late September or even mid-October, always depending on the weather of each year. As Paros has a great number of permanent residents, as well as many private holiday homes belonging to Greeks, and many people from France especially in recent years, it kind of never feels empty or lifeless, even in the winter. Taking under consideration your free time, preferences, and budget, you could opt to visit Paros in May or June, when things are more relaxed and the weather is warm but not extremely hot, while the strong summer winds, known as “meltemia”, are still at ease. July and August are the peak holiday months, with a huge number of people visiting the island, which however never seems crowded due to its large size and many beautiful locations to choose from. Do note that August is when the sworn windsurfers frequent the famous Golden and New Golden Beach, regarded as two of the most prominent windsurfing meeting-points in Greece. September and October are rather perfect for those looking for serenity and good weather, but still vibrant enough to enjoy a good night out at the famous for its nightlife scene Naoussa.


Why Paros

First and foremost, for its beaches. Paros is not a small island and offers a huge number of amazingly beautiful beaches to enjoy all-day beach-life experiences. With sand or pebbles, with shallow waters or deep, organised, semi-organised or totally secluded, Paros has the perfect beach for everyone. Apart from that, there is a vibrant nightlife scene for all ages, from elegant bar restaurants to great nightclubs, as well as amazing dining options, enriched over the years, for all tastes and budgets, ranging from local tavernas to exclusive fine dining restaurants.    


Paros Experiences

From windsurfing to horseback riding, from hiking to scuba diving, and from sightseeing to open-water fishing there is always something fun to do on Paros island. Don’t miss the chance to visit important archaeological sites, such as the venetian fortress with the amazing view in Parikia or the church of Panaghia Ekatodapiliani with its 99 visible and the 1 secret door, dating all the way back to the 6th century. The nightlife of Naoussa is a real treat for all ages, and the small stunning island of Antiparos with its cosmopolitan vibe lies just 15 minutes away by boat. Now that is a daily excursion no one should miss!   



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