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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The Still-Hidden Paradise

Suntanned, yoga-toned, beautiful, carefree people carrying around surfboards, palm-tree-lined, white-sand, gorgeous beaches, always reliable, long-breaking waves, nature and wildlife at its very best, eco-friendly practices and sustainability in its most authentic form, killer sunsets, lively beach parties, hip restaurants and amazing sunny weather almost all year round, calmness of body and soul and a feeling that here you have discovered your personal holiday sanctuary, are only some of the reasons that have put this small, jungle-backed beach town on the map for the comfort-loving, easy-going, creative-thinking crowd that would not change it for the world. In the last few years, this once sleepy fishing village has transformed into an eco-tourism “must” destination for adventures, loners, surfers, couples, families and celebrities alike. It is no wonder Tom Hardy and Gisele Bündchen have been repeatedly caught on camera enjoying themselves on Santa Teresa’s dreamlike beaches. Not long ago, getting here could turn out to be an adventure on its own and the whole place was a no-credit-card zone with one and only ATM located in Playa Carmen; now things are a bit different, but the laid-back, home-away-from-home and not-a-care-in-the-world feeling is exactly the same. So, welcome to Santa Teresa, the place that The New York Time Style Magazine has named “the new Tulum”!

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When to Visit 

Costa Rica is wonderful all year round, as it boasts temperatures around 80 degrees during most months, but depending on your budget and personal preferences there are things to keep in mind. There are two main seasons here: the dry season (December to April) and the green season (May to November). The dry season has of course less rain and higher temperatures, as well as more tourists, thus making it the high season with the liveliest vibe and the steepest prices. On the other hand, the natural scenery is still very beautiful, but not as beautiful as it is during the green season. The green season has its fair share of rains but is much less crowdy and the natural setting is at its very best. November to early December and June to early July are considered medium range and ideal for those wanting to get a taste of both faces of Costa Rica.  

Why Costa Rica

Is this really a question? If not for the amazing beaches and the cool vibe, the chance to master the waves and catch the perfect sunset, the opportunity to mingle with open-minded and creative crowds and hike in unexplored jungles, to taste the mouth-watering food and the freshest exotic fruit cocktails, to see volcanos and swim in natural hot springs, then for what would you leave the comfort of your city?

Costa Rica Experiences

First and foremost, learn how to ride the waves! Seriously, if the perfectly tanned Australian surf instructors can’t teach you how to surf, no one can. On the other hand, if surfing was never your thing, you can always buy a board and put it next to you on the fine-sand beach, while you enjoy your delicious cocktails under the palm trees; you will still look extra cool! Playa Carmen, Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa are the main paradise-like beaches to keep in mind, but for sure you will come to discover your own favourite secret cove. Horseback riding on the beach, jungle adventuring, snorkelling in Tortuga Island, exploring the 3,000 acres of Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, trips to Montezuma, elevated yoga sessions and unbelievable spa treatments are only some of the things you can do here.

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