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Seaside Tavernas

Greek cuisine is famous all over the world for its delicious, homemade dishes that constitute the very definition of “comfort food”, way before it was cool. In the amazing seaside traditional -and creative- tavernas of Mykonos, you will enjoy authentic Greek cuisine at its very best.  

Taste Greece in your plate, always by the sea - Image

Taste Greece in your plate, always by the sea

Taste Greece in your plate, always by the sea

What is the Greek summer in the Cyclades, if not the fresh grilled octopus and fish, the Greek (Choriatiki) salad with a big chunk of feta cheese, the homemade fried meatballs (keftedakia) and a cloudy glass of ouzo in hand, served just a few meters away from the clear blue sea? The Greek taverna is famous all over the world, not just for the delicious local tastes you will sample here, but even more for the authentic experience and welcoming atmosphere it offers, which is actually the quintessence of Greek hospitality at its very best. Mykonos is undoubtedly a gastronomical metropolis of the world, but that doesn’t mean that the cosmopolitan island and its elite guests have turned their backs on the traditional Greek taverna, offering homemade delicacies with the pristine Aegean waters serving as the perfect background. Let’s face it, you cannot go back home without one picture of crunchy fried kalamarakia or authentic Greek moussaka posted on your social media, it would be like you have never came to Greece…everyone knows that! Scroll down for the best “Seaside Greek taverna” experiences that Mykonos has to offer.  

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Taverna Petran

Traditional Greek mezedes, local dishes and fresh seafood served on a whitewashed “balcony” with amazing sea view. Excellent choice for after-swimming lunch or dinner. 

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A seaside Hellenic restaurant with tables located directly over the sea, Apaggio serves a large variety of dishes focusing on Greek traditional cuisine and fresh local seafood. 

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Tasos Taverna

One of the oldest and most traditional tavernas on the island, Tasos located on the cosmopolitan Paraga beach serves amazing T-bone steak and many delicious local flavours. 

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Nikolas Taverna

Untouched by time for three generations now, Nikolas Taverna offers an authentic Greek culinary experience literally on the beach of Aghia Anna-Paraga. 

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Kiki’s Tavern

A local’s and sophisticated foodies’ favourite, Kiki’s Tavern makes no reservations, has no phone number, no electricity and guarantees you the most authentic Greek cuisine experience. 

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Fokos Taverna

Warm feeling of heartfelt hospitality and amazing Greek dishes are what make Fokos Tavern the second-best reason to drive here… the first reason being the untamed and unspoiled Fokos beach. 

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Avli tou Thodori

Traditional Greek dishes, prepared in the most refined of ways and served in a welcoming ambiance, after a long and refreshing swim at the famous beach of Platys Gialos. 

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