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Sunset to Sunrise

If there is one place on earth claiming the title of the “ultimate party destination”, that is justly Mykonos. Known throughout the world for its insane nightlife, this island will surely exceed your expectations. From wild party animals to posh-venue eclectic enthusiasts, the bar, restaurant and club scene here will literally sweep you off your feet. Your sunglasses are always a prerequisite, when leaving your villa for a good night out! 

Let’s Party All Night Long! - Image

Let’s Party All Night Long!

Let’s Party All Night Long!

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, well obviously the people who say so have never visited Mykonos. Mykonos is definitely the Island That Never (Ever) Sleeps and that is one of the many reasons the international jet set has been in love with it for over 60 years now. The thing is that here you can go to sleep (or not), wake up any given time of day or night and there will always be a place packed with people dancing and partying and having a great time. From sunrise to sunset, from sunset to sunrise, Mykonos is waiting for you to offer you the time of your life! Scroll down for the best Sunset to Sunrise (and way beyond) places to check out. 

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180° Sunset Bar

A show-stopping view that looks more like a picture postcard than an actual place, paired with delicious cocktails and inspired bar-friendly dishes. 

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Caprice of Mykonos

The legendary bar of Mykonos has been the absolute synonym of the island’s vibrant nightlife for almost four decades now. 

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The Garden of Mykonos

An amazing view “garden”, hosted in an elegant villa previously owned by the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, offers a sunset experience to remember. 

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Guzel Club

The famous club has been hosting its guests until late morning hours for over a decade now, offering a chance to experience the true Mykonos nightlife. 

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Bonbonniere Mykonos

The sibling of the famous Bonbonniere Club in London is also a celebrity-favourite and redefines VIP clubbing in Mykonos. 

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Astra Mykonos

A part of Mykonos history in the flesh, Astra Mykonos has been offering memorable nights out to the elite Mykonos crowd since 1987. 

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JackieO’ Town Bar

The town bar that the New York Times and the Sunday Times have written about is an ultra-celebrity magnet and offers the hottest party scene in town for the gay community and everyone else. 

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Cavo Paradiso

The ultimate party paradise, where it is obligatory to bring along your sunglasses, as it is guaranteed that the morning will find you still here. 

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Past and future design dialects meet in a club destined to steal every sworn clubber’s heart forever. 

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